Sunday, March 9, 2008

How I'd Like Life To End Up...

Rachill, Andrew, Baby Riley, and I will drive across country to California, making a few stops to see friends along the way. We'll end up on the Central Coast in California, where Rachill, Baby Riley, and I will spend the summer. Andrew will be off at BASIC training for the Marines. We'll move to San Diego, and we'll all get a really posh apartment in Mission Valley. We'll spend afternoons in Balboa Park or at the beach. We'll go to farmers market in Ocean Beach every Wednesday. We'll brunch on Sundays. We'll read and play in the park. I'll create a collection of eco-friendly lingerie that I will sell at Thread. I'll make friends with local designers and go to the many fashion events they have there.

I can't wait for June. That's when all of this will start happening.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

It may be gloomy outside...

But in the Kahl house, spring cleaning is taking place, and my nesting instinct definitely kicks at least a few times a week. I've got all of the baby's stuff ready as well as my hospital bag. I definitely need to start working on some sewing projects, whether they are for myself or to sell in my etsy or fashionspace shop. My name needs to be heard! I have so many great ideas, they just need to be created and showed to the world. Anyway I just wanted to come on here and write my first blog...I have a few things I had started to sell in my etsy shop but no one has bought anything =(. Help a girl out....especially one with big BIG dreams of selling her clothing/bags to be able to help support her little family. Go check out my shop and look a the few things I have to offer. There will be some more items up really really soon! Thanks for stopping by =)